How to: Rendering Bear Fat

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1) Cube bear fat into 1-inch cubes and place in mug or pan that can go directly on the flames.

2) Put a tablespoon of water in with the fat to keep it from sticking as it starts to render.

3) When fat is rendered, drop in 1-inch cubes of bear meat from the loin or back ham.

4) Cook bear meat all the way through, past 160 degrees in order to kill trichinosis.

5) Season with salt and enjoy.

3 Responses to “How to: Rendering Bear Fat”

  1. relic

    Steve – The finest bear oil is achieved by first placing all collected bear fat in cheese cloth and hanging it near a heat source to drip into a container. After the dripping has stopped, then cube and place in mug or pan over flames or in an oven. Use the oil like vegetable oil for baking.


  2. TheNeumans

    We just got back from our honeymoon, a bear hunt in Allagash Maine with Wade Kelly of Tyor Kelly Camps. My hubby got a 375lb black bear. The first thing we did was render a little fat and deep fry some chunks of backstrap like we watched you do on the show. BRILLIANT! DELICIOUS! our new favorite thing!! Thanks for the inspiration : )

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