Birthday Fishing in Florida

Birthday Fishing in Florida- Photo Credit: © Steven Rinella
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My son Jim and I celebrated my 38th birthday down in Florida today. I fished for a couple hours and pulled nothing from the water but a few sea catfish. Jim was bummed about the lack of success. As you can see, he turned to Bacardi for solace. I found my solace in the cake that my wife baked.

11 Responses to “Birthday Fishing in Florida”

  1. babowlin2012

    what part of florida are you in man? depending on where you are, i might have better suggestions for bait so you can get away from those garbage catfish.

  2. robfs52

    Happy birthday, Steve! I do believe my father, who died before I turned 2, also had a Valentine’s Day birthday. Enjoy the Bacardi with Jim. You’re never too young to learn that rum can make a bad day of fishing much easier to handle.

    PS: Love your show – but they need to make it an hour long!

  3. jbusse

    Happy birthday Steve. I brought your book down to Florida last year, and in the spirit of ‘haute cuisine’ grilled up 4 or 5 of those catfish for my girlfriend and her friend. We all agreed they were delicious. Looking forward to some more when we had back down next month. Happy hunting (or fishing)!

  4. motodog

    hey bud happy bday. hey dont forget the pdogs this spring in wyoming bring the family we will have a hell of a good time.

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