Danny Rinella’s Photo Essay

  • On our first morning hunting, we spotted a bull and cow moose in this patch of timber from a high spot a couple miles away. The moose were out of site by the time we worked our way to this vantage point, presumably bedded somewhere in between these two ponds. Having seen no other moose within a reasonable packing distance from camp, we decided to wait them out.
  • Chris and Roman waiting for the moose to reappear. We spent hours parked on this ridge, and Chris spotted the moose again just before dark when they finally got up and moved to the pond for a drink. Within seconds we were scrambling for the pond.
  • Chris and I dropped the bull on the pond margin, while Roman (with a cow permit) pushed past us and dropped the cow about 100 yards away. Here, Chris starts into the big chore of skinning and quartering the bull.
  • Chris starts to peel the hide away as the light fades. We were soon working with headlamps.
  • Working into the night, we finished skinning and quartering both moose around midnight and hiked the first load of meat back to camp.
  • We spent the next day packing somewhere near 1000 pounds of meat and bone.
  • Chris, packing a moose quarter, closes in on his Super Cub.
  • Chris and Roman in our camp on the north side of the Alaska Range, September 2012. Chris shuttled Roman and I into this spot with his Super Cub, which he masterfully landed on the gravel bar off to the right.
  • Three worn-out moose hunters ready to load some meat into the plane. Chris spent a solid day shuttling moose meat, gear, Roman, and me out of the mountains.
  • One of Chris’ many take-offs. Note the rough landing surface and the oversized tires.
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