Photo Essay: A MeatEater Dinner

  • Hal Doty's MeatEater-inspired dinner. Major attractions included 2 squirrels, 2 rabbits (one very old and very tough one), aged venison sirloin steaks, a roasted home-raised Muscovy duck with orange, and 4 squab, whose parents were trapped several months ago.
  • Muscovy Duck: Roasted and served with orange slices, stuffed with sage dressing and giblets.
  • Rabbit and Squirrel: Dusted in flour and fried in oil, finished in the oven. One very old and tough rabbit was pressure cooked first.
  • Venison Sirloin: Shot this fall and hung to age for at least 10 days.
  • Squab: A summer's crop of a single pair of captured pigeons, also stuffed with dressing and giblets.
  • The whole spread was gathered and made close to home. Side dishes and drinks include: wild rice gathered in the Ottertail River (processed locally), green bean and asparagus pickles from the garden, squash from the garden, homemade raspberry-rhubarb mead, and homemade wild grape wine.
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Hal Doty, grandfather of Producer Dan Doty, spent a fall in the woods and two days in the kitchen to cook up a MeatEater-inspired dinner for his family.

Hipsters, eat your heart out.

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