Cheesecake Recipe: North Of The Brooks Range

  • 1. Melting butter and dissolving the brown sugar for the graham cracker crust.
  • 2. Pressing the crust into the bottom of my cooking pot.
  • 3. Adding the first layer of wild blueberries.
  • 4. Whisking the powdered filling with the now liquid powdered goats' milk.
  • 5. Pouring the cheesecake filling onto the crust.
  • 6. Adding more blueberries. Can't have enough in my opinion.
  • 7. Here I'm building a barrier to protect my cheesecake from splashing waves. The cold lake water will help the cheesecake set up.
  • 8. One hour later.
  • 9. Wild blueberry cheesecake served on caribou scapula.
  • 10. Smiles all around.
  • 11. Meateater approval.
  • 12.Serve with a wild blueberry vodka to cleanse the palate.
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While working with the MeatEater crew north of the Brooks Range in AK, I took the time to make a little dessert.  To be clear, I am not the originator of this idea.  Many a backcountry traveler has made some variation of this dessert.  We first made it in New Zealand while backpacking with my cousin ten years ago.  I was reminded of the idea while reading Tony Russ’ books on sheep hunting.  He omitted the crust to shave weight.  What made it especially good on this occasion was the availability of AK’s wild blueberries.  The bears had left us a few!  No rocket science here, just follow the directions on the box and alter to suit your backcountry needs.  I usually premix the powdered filling and powdered goats’ milk in a gallon ziploc, pre-measure my butter and sugar, and bring an extra ziploc for mixing ingredients or collecting berries.  Enjoy!

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