Gear Review: T.A.G. Bags

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These 24″x44″ bags could easily handle two quarters for the ultralight guy.

I finally got a chance to try out the T.A.G. bags.  No more cotton game bags for me.  Lighter, stronger, more breathable.  It all makes for better care of your precious wild game.  T.A.G. Bags impressed!  I feel like having breathable bags helps build the crust on the meat which protects it as well as prevents soggy areas in the bag during the hanging period.  The bags were easily hung by the drawstring which withstood the strain of  these 75+ lb. hams.  Most impressive was how clean the bags came out after one wash and the 15 minute hang-drying time.  T.A.G. Bags are a no-brainer for the meat hunter.

4 Responses to “Gear Review: T.A.G. Bags”

  1. LatvianRider

    Not to mention we had a heinous slog out of this draw where Janis shot this Bull. We did not want to carry two loads so we drug these game bags across the snowy ground. They were tough! Next year I will hunt with these as well.

  2. drunken sparrow


    my good hunting buddy once thought it was cool to cut a nice square out of one of my game bags “when nature called”. and we laughed…..

    maybe these TAG bags would be the ticket when i hunt with that guy again. :)

  3. summerdaze

    I live in Alaska and have been using the TAG bags for several years now. I have packed moose, bear, and caribou in them and they are great. Durable and light weight. They are much better than any other bag you can find at the local sporting goods store.

  4. germanhunter

    got my bags today and will use it for my hog-hunt (texas) this friday….
    i’m happy to see all the good reviews and can’t wait to see them in the field!

    happy hunting to everybody !!!

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