Spring Teasers

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Hey MeatEater fans.  We’re gearing up for a new round of episodes this spring, and thought you might want a sneak peek of what’s going on.  We have some really special shows coming up, including a long-awaited “Behind the Scenes” special and a big double episode featuring some very special guests…

Rogan Premiere Pic site

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…and to kill the winter blues, we got a guy with an apple on his head:

photo-1 copy

2 Responses to “Spring Teasers”

  1. sheller1773

    Wonder if Mr. Rogan will ask you to eat the organs of your kill?? I don’t think the “Fear Factor” works this time! HaHa

  2. HunterBill66

    Really enjoyed this morning’s episode (Sat., 3/16/13) on the Sportsman’s Channel (Dall ram hunt). Watch a lot of shows but just caught your show.

    Here’s what I thought made it special–regular guys on a real hunt, with the camera following without too much jumping around (jumping around with the camera, I guess to help hold attention, is annoying!). Especially when the guys were butchering the dall ram they shot, the camera actually got in close to watch the skinning & cutting. Nice to see the end result of a great hunt; usually you see two guys shaking hands, then a fade-away. Looking forward to making this show a habit. Bill Nickerson

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