Here at MeatEater, the wild game we hunt becomes a blank canvas for the future meals that we eat, and the act of preserving meat falls under an umbrella that encompasses more options than one might think.

Zero Point Zero Production–the creators of MeatEater–recently set out on a journey to explore the preservation of food through their latest endeavor Cured Magazine. Through combining the type of stylistic visuals that the MeatEater community knows well and the educational bend that ZPZ consistently strives for, we’ve built a new type of magazine that is a beautiful, powerful publication that just might jumpstart a new passion for preservation in your kitchen.

Steve’s piece “First Find Your Bear” delves into the nuances of both bear meat and wild game, and it’s followed by Steve’s time-tested recipe for smoked black bear ham. The magazine itself covers a wide variety of preservation techniques that you can apply to your game all the way to your garden and beyond. Get a copy for yourself here:

And until your copy arrives, enjoy some of our favorite preservation techniques from the MeatEater archive:

Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Smoked Whitefish Empanadas with Homemade Salsa

Ronny’s Black Bear Hams

Pickled Wild Game Heart

Chef Charlie Palmer’s Venison Jerky

Wild Game Merguez