Here at MeatEater, we get inundated with a lot of great questions from our community. Here’s a list of the top ten questions we get with answers directly from Steve & the crew.

1. What rifle does Steve shoot & what rifle should I buy as a first gun?

Steve currently shoots a Savage Model 110 .270 Winchester on most of our hunts. He previously hunted with a 7mm custom rifle, occasionally uses a 300 WSM for large game, and he recommends a .270 or .270 WSM for new hunters. Additionally, he uses a Savage Model 555 over/under 12 gauge for turkeys.

2. Are there going to be more seasons of MeatEater on Netflix? And is MeatEater available online elsewhere?

We hope so! Netflix decides what content they want to host, and we’re excited to be the first hunting show they’ve decided to host. If you’d like to see more MeatEater on Netflix, please leave us a written review under the “Details” tab of our Netflix Home Page, which you can access here via a web browser (you can’t leave a written review in the mobile app):

We have all episodes available for online purchase here:

3. How does Steve travel with meat?

Steve packs frozen meat in his checked luggage, then ships his clothes/gear home separately.

4. How do I get started in hunting? I’m new and I have no one to teach me. 

Steve recently released two guidebooks with nearly 800 pages of how-to, gear lists, species-specific advice, how to hunt different types of land, and much, much more. It’s the ultimate field guide to keep in your pack whether you’re a new hunter, an experienced hunter trying something new, or looking for a great gift for a youth hunter. You can find these handy & affordable guides here:

Also, listen to our podcast with the newest hunters on the MeatEater crew, talking about their first seasons hunting and how they went about getting started, they might help inspire your first solo hunt:

5. Do you offer guided hunts, have any recommendations for guides, or would Steve like to come on a hunt with me? 

Sorry, we don’t offer guided hunts and currently we don’t have any recommendations for guides, and we always appreciate the invite, but with all the shooting we do, it’s hard to accommodate extra hunts outside of the busy MeatEater schedule. If you have an extraordinary hunting opportunity that you think would make a great storyline–like something along the lines of a fishing trip in Bolivia or a cool unknown hunt here in the States that we haven’t already covered–feel free to send the idea, with pictures and a detailed story included, to with “Invite” in the headline.

6. Have you ever thought about taking a new hunter out on a shoot?

Yes! We take new hunters on shoots regularly, whether it’s Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan & Bryan Callen, or crew members Helen Cho and Brittany Brothers. We’ve taken multiple new hunters out on their first hunts and many hunts beyond that. And we’re sorry, but we don’t have any plans to do any fan hunts at the moment.

7. What binoculars should I buy?

If you have a steady hand and hunt primarily in open country, go with 10×42. If you hunt primarily in heavy vegetation and/or have shaky hands, go 8×42. I would avoid 12x binoculars, as they are nearly impossible to free-hand. For what it’s worth, I run 10×42 Vortex Razors almost exclusively. –Steve

8. How do I get started in the world of hunting media?

It all depends on what you’re interested in pursuing as a career in the outdoors. Steve started writing articles for outdoor magazines and eventually wrote two books which attracted the attention of our production company. From there, we produced a web series with Steve, a show on Travel Channel called The Wild Within, and finally MeatEater on Sportsman Channel. If you’re interested in writing about the outdoors, then start writing about it and submitting your work to smaller publications, then eventually larger publications. If you’re looking for a different type of career in the outdoors, do some research on what specifically you’re interested in and take the steps to pursue it. In Steve’s words, don’t settle for the safety of Plan B, go hard towards Plan A. 

9. Does MeatEater offer internships/job opportunities?

Currently, we don’t offer any internships, and we are fully staffed. If you’re looking to get into hunting professionally, test the waters working for an outfitter or a guide, and go from there. And if you’re interested in hunting film, bring a camera with you while you work for the guide, and get out there on social media to connect with other like-minded hunters. It’s a tight-knit community, work hard and you’ll find your niche.

10. What seasoning does Steve bring along for hunts in the field?

Steve uses all kinds of stuff. He makes his own spice rubs and use others as well. Everything from steak seasoning to Creole Seasoning to this stuff assembled by a chef buddy of his. Even Lawry’s seasoning salt, or no-name Greek seasoning. Just keep mixing it up.

Plus One: What books does Steve recommend?

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