Any good hunter knows the value of local knowledge. A hot tip from a man on the ground can be more valuable than a hundred insights gleaned from gun writers penning “expert” magazine articles that chronicle their press junkets. But what happens when the tip you’re following is cold and stale, like the 100-year-old piece of writing from legendary conservationist Aldo Leopold that led me and my friend Karl Malcolm into New Mexico’s San Mateo Mountains in search of turkeys? Tune into this week’s episode of MeatEater and you’ll find out. Along the way, you’ll be treated to some insights about one of our nation’s most cherished and influential conservationists. Not only did Leopold help give us a wilderness system that benefits all Americans, he gave us a mountain of quotes that are as potent today as they ever were. Tune in Thursday at 8pm ET on The Sportsman Channel and get inspired!