Interior Alaska- Steven Rinella talks with Bryce Myers, Brandt Meixell, Joe Zych, Dirt Myth, and Janis Putelis.
Subjects Discussed: chopping big-assed holes in the ice; correlations between TV sizes and amounts of TV watched; Minnesota: the most ice-fishingest state in the world; ice fishing’s PR problem; eelpouts, lawyers, and burbot; circumpolar species; prepping bait; here comes one now!; the relative qualities of fish flesh; and more.
Steven Rinella waits to spear whitefish as they swim past this big-ass hole in the ice.
Brandt Meixell with a freshwater burbot.
DirtMyth_GWS06343 (1)
At 12-o’clock lies the burbot’s liver. Brandt likes to cook the large liver in a hot, dry pan, which renders out the stinky and prolific oil within.  Janis marinated his in soy sauce for fifteen minutes and then steamed it for ten minutes before chilling and slicing it.