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Steven Rinella talks with Brandon Butler of the Conservation Federation of Missouri, Steve Jones, and Parker Hall, along with Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.
Subjects Discussed: the MeatEater Podcast Live tour; bad weather; pestered by a pit bull; the perseverance of the Latvian Eagle; listening for gobblers; spittin’ n’ drummin’; America’s toughest turkeys; the Name-a-Sound-a-Turkey-Will-Gobble-to-Game; highfalutin-quail-shootin’-facilities; diminutive channels as dinkers, whole frys, and fiddlers; Steve’s lucky break; what goes into Midwest mom chili; the Ozark’s lumber industry; sous vide cooking; and more.

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 Spittin’ and drummin’

Recipe: Midwest Mom Chili- The straight dope from Steven Rinella’s mom

  • Brown ground meat with onions and garlic
  • Add:  Tomatoes (I used to puree tomatoes as young kids did not like seeds)
  • I also added tomato sauce
  • Let this simmer for awhile (No specific amount of time for simmering)
  • Add water to arrive at desired consistency.
  • Add chili beans (they come mild or spicey, and I used a combination)
  • Add salt, pepper and chili powder to taste.
  • At times, I just put chili powder on the table to be used by those needing a little more heat.
  • I did not list amounts of each ingredient because you can make this for a few hungry eaters or double or triple for more.

For a family of 5 (three young kids), I believe a one-to-one and one-half pounds of meat would work fine.  Might have some leftovers but they are often better.