Backyard Bow Pro

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Here’s something that I’d like everyone to know about. My friend Joe Lasher, in North Carolina, has put together an organization called Backyard Bow Pro. The group works to unite landowners who have deer management issues with certified, skilled bowhunters who can come on to their property to do effective, efficient, and safe deer removal. The majority of the property owners that Joe works with have never before allowed hunting and were reluctant to admit just anyone on to their land. Backyard Bow Pro works to smooth these relationships and ensure that the landowner is granting permission to a conscientious hunter who’s passed background and proficiency checks and who operates according to the law. Backyard Bow Pro has opened up dozens and dozens of properties to hunters that would otherwise be inaccessible — we’re talking about places like organic farms, commune properties, and suburban yards. Some of the landowners have become so happy with the program that they’ve provided their own money to have the deer from their land processed and donated to food banks. Here’s a clip of a very happy and thankful food bank administrator praising the venison that Backyard Bow Pro hunters provided to her. Big thanks to Backyard Bow Pro for giving hunters a good name!

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