Black Bear Butchering

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As Steve butchers his black bear, he walks you through the black bear version of “Christmas ham” and discusses why Alaskan pioneers killed for these black bears feeding on berries.

8 Responses to “Black Bear Butchering”

  1. otsego44

    I really like the pack that was used for getting the bear out. It seems to have room that I’m looking for without getting gigantic. Anyone know which brand it was? Thanks.

  2. damen

    im not sure what kind of bag he is using but I use an Eberlestock. They have a ton of different models, you’ll find one to fit your needs.

  3. jack jobe

    How do we get Virtual Reality children to realize what Steven knows? Most “civilized” kids couldn’t start a fire without matches or a lighter. How do we awaken people up? This ‘respect for food’ show IS making a difference. Thanks!

  4. hutty

    Loved the episode. Drew a bear tag last year with a buddy and we did a DIY hunt in the mountains on public land. We were successful on a bear and cooked up the back strap this weekend. Invited some friends over (no of whom had ever eaten bear, myself included) and was blown away about how great it tasted. Love the show.

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