Campfire Conversation – Matt’s Livestock

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Steven Rinella’s brother Matt talks about the challenges of raising his own animals.

4 Responses to “Campfire Conversation – Matt’s Livestock”

  1. pappatoad

    Funny comment,both agree,& disagree if I raise an animial as a food source,then it’s easier than if it’s raised as a pet.

  2. roostercruzr


    Absolutely loving the new show. Do you ever get to the Atl Ga area? I’d love to meet ya. My city sliker wife has a whole new respect on why I hunt sooooo much, and she’s finally eating some game, thanks. Keep up the awesome work.
    Rooster <——— Envious of ya.

  3. gobarehoof

    I have raised pigs, chickens and turkeys for meat I thought I might have a problem killing them myself but I didn’t I guess I just viewed them differently than I do a pet. I new going into it that they were for meat.

  4. jayquintana

    Love the vids. I’d love to watch the show, but I don’t have that cable channel. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who does.

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