Hide Hunters

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Steven Rinella talks about how hide hunters in the mid-1800’s decimated the Buffalo population in North America.

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  1. btscowboy

    really enjoy the show..best actual informative show ive seen..Im new to hunting only past 6 years white tail CT deer bow shogun smokin pole and bow ..train shorthair pointers for akc field trails and pheasant hunting for horseback field trial.. anyway your show brings hunting to the right level and is what its all about.. I have never seen a trophy deer except in my scope far away but spend every day out in the woods happy to just watch squirrls make me look .. the one big 12 pointer ive seen I actually missed a chance at a shot because I was watching it too long but happy to let it go..I dont rack hunt I just eat venison all year and love having friends who are afraid of it fall for the meat like its candy..I give away more than I eat trying to convince people how awesome it is if taken care of and trimmed and processed correctly …anyway your show breaks it down to the root of the soul of hunting and the joy of making habitat for animals and helping people understand the root of hunting .. im probably a weekend warrior compared to you and your scope and binocculars are worth about what ive invested in all my gear so far but i can appreciate all the knowledge and dedication you show and hunting is a right of passage to be one with nature and something that should be charished as you show in your show…anyway thanks and keep it up.. great job stay warm stay cool… breath in the air …feel the energy of nature that so many people are missing…. Later….Wild Bill from CT

  2. dfcaz

    Great background SR. Reminds me of why enjoyed “American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon” so much.
    Also, nice use of the old photos and sound effects in the piece. Very “Ken Burns” of you all.

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